In 2007, Jimmie Harrison, owner of Frank and Jimmie’s Propeller Shops (FJ Prop), and Randy Whitesides, a successful entrepreneur, and consultant, discovered the need for better boat lifts for the marine environment.

Frank and Jimmie’s original building in downtown Fort Lauderdale had been outgrown and was leased to a boat lift manufacturer. Through an unfortunate series of events, the boat lift manufacturer went out of business, and Jimmie went to the courthouse to get possession of his building. While Jimmie waited to see the judge, he met a noted marine contractor there, trying to get back several lifts left for warranty repair. In their discussions, Jimmie was told of the need for a boat lift to withstand the marine and tropical environment. The contractor knew FJ Prop’s reputation and encouraged Jimmie to go into the boat lift business.

Jimmie and Randy spent several months analyzing the market and confirmed the need for a better boat lift. As planning continued, the two met David Humphreys, former president of Hi-Tide Boat Lifts. It quickly became apparent that David shared Jimmie's and Randy’s vision, and he joined the Neptune team.

Neptune’s vision was to design, engineer, and build the world’s finest marine lifts and provide world-class customer service to marine contractors and customers. Starting with a clean slate, each boat lift was engineered to provide reliable operation and a high degree of resistance to saltwater, high winds, and frequent use. The lifts were designed for long-term ease of maintenance and repair.

Neptune’s network of over 150 marine contractors and professionals has installed lifts in 23 countries. After outgrowing the two previous buildings in downtown Fort Lauderdale the company purchased a 25,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in 2015.

In 2021 Neptune Boat Lift was welcomed into the Waterfront Brands portfolio of brands alongside ShoreMaster, HydroHoist Boat Lifts, and Neptune Boat Lifts. Waterfront Brands manufactures and distributes to dealers and distributors around North America and provides original equipment manufacturing to diverse industries.





Design, manufacture and implement the highest quality and most reliable boat lifts in the industry


Maintain a fair, competitive price while never sacrificing exemplary customer service and product quality.



The Neptune Advantage

Engineered Performance and a Passion for Details.


Neptune lifts are the only ones independently engineered to sustain 90 mph (150 kmh) hurricane-force winds with the boat on the lift.


Neptune is the only company that uses marine and aviation anti-corrosion procedures such as anodizing, coating, and anti-seize technologies to construct its lifts.


Neptune's in-house testing equipment allows us to evaluate and stress-test our motors, gearboxes, and drive systems.


Neptune is the acknowledged leader in advanced materials and safety systems, including multi-limit switch safety systems, custom-carved bunking for stepped hulls, 100% testing of stainless cable, and several anti-friction innovations.


Neptune does not cut corners, resulting in the industry's safest, most reliable lifts.


Neptune has over 100 years of real-world experience, but that is where we start. Every lift is designed, engineered, and then independently evaluated and certified by structural engineers.